Although born in Britain, I grew up in Florida where my parents ran a bookshop on a small island called Sanibel. The natural environment surrounding me, as well as the countless books I had access to in my family's bookshop, created in me a joy for creativity, imagination, and a respect for the natural world. Moving back to the UK as a teenager, I discovered my love for photography . From camera club, to full time study of the arts in college, to a degree in Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton, I have always looked for ways to improve my knowledge and understanding of how to create images which connect us.

In 2018, as a family we accidentally decided on a new adventure. We sold our house and most of our possessions, and embarked on a trip around Europe in a classic camper van. This was a visual treat for myself, and certainly a huge experience for all of us, and lead us to settling in this little-known but incredibly beautiful part of Tuscany we now call home.

All the experiences, big and small, have contributed to make me who I am. With passion and a camera, I strive to tell a story, unique and personal, with each image I create. Photographs should connect you to your memories, your story.

This is mine....

Tuscany photographer Elizabeth Armitage